Colorado Fuel and Iron: Company Mines

Rouse No. 4 Coal Mine (New Rouse, Old Santa Clara )

Location: Huerfano County, Colorado
Years of Operation: 1899-1920
Total Production (tons): 4,205,925
Santa Clara operated: 1889-1891

Rouse No. 4 was located on the Rouse branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad about one mile south of the Lester mine and about 8.4 miles from the railroad main line. It was the southernmost CF&I mine in Huarfano County, roughly 10 miles south of Walsenburgh. It was at the site of the old Santa Clara mine that was on a homestead tract taken up by A.M. Fryer in 1871. The nearby Santa Clara mine was opened by the Colorado Coal and Iron Company in either 1887 or 1889, and closed in either 1891 or 1894. The property became a holding of the Colorado Fuel and Iron company through the consolidation in 1892, and the machinery from the old Santa Clara mine was moved to Rouse No. 4 1899. 

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