AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles v.2: version 2

Consent for Data Usage, Scenario 2

You are an educator. To promote digital ethical awareness in licensing agreements, you have asked your students to review the ePortfolio provider’s EULA and identify parts of the licensing agreement that will affect their user privacy. 

They are happy to see that they can opt out of user data collection and can request the company disclose any personal data collected through their use of the platform. However, there is no visible process for opting out of collection, and users must contact the Data Protection Office to negotiate the opting out process. Students can also remove much of their personal data from the platform server when they delete their account, but the company does not disclose what types of personal data they permanently retain. 

As a class, you decide to contact the platform provider to get answers to these questions because the portfolio program office at your institution does not yet have answers for these. You will take the information that you learn through your correspondence and create an opting out resource for other students at your institution in collaboration with the portfolio program office. The  institutional stakeholders are now aware of the ambiguity in the EULA and will take further steps with the platform provider to clear these up as part of the contract review. 

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