AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles v.2: version 2

Consent for Data Usage, Scenario 4

You are the Director of a global online learning program that has recently decided to add an ePortfolio requirement. In researching digital ethics in the globalized world, you come across the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The GDPR document guides data regulations across the European Union (EU), and you believe there is a high probability that students from the EU will be enrolling in your program. 

You schedule a meeting with your Provost, Director of Institutional Technology, and legal office to determine (1) the standards and methods the university currently uses to collect student data, and (2) the legal commitment your global online learning program has to meet when international students are enrolled. In collaboration with the legal office, you begin drafting data collection protocols for the ePortfolio requirement based on the appropriate privacy standards your program must meet. 

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