Jewish Histories in Multiethnic Boyle Heights

Jasons Collection

Founded in 1928 by a group of twelve-year-old boys, the Jasons gathered at neighborhood parks to play sports together and, in their teenage years, hosted dances, parties, and fundraisers. Members of the Jasons served in all branches of the military during World War II, and most got married and moved away from the neighborhood after the war's end. But the Jasons' continued to host annual picnics and charity fundraisers for another fifty years, reflecting the significant role the youth clubs like the Jasons and the dozens of others in Boyle Heights played in cultivating community in the neighborhood.

The items below have been generously donated by Jaye Dobreer-Yaruss (son of Jasons' member Mel Yaruss) and Shelly Rosenberg (daughter of Jasons' member George Sheff). 

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