Jewish Histories in Multiethnic Boyle Heights

Hinda and Jacob Schonfeld Digital Archive

This digital exhibit is made possible by Mr. Alan D. Leve who, in order to preserve not only his parents' and grandparents' legacy but also the legacy of the community in which he was raised, has generously endowed a broad range of programmatic initiatives which introduce Boyle Heights and its Jewish histories to new generations of students. The UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies has thus established the Hinda and Jacob Schonfeld Boyle Heights Collection—a research and teaching archive that preserves the history of the neighborhood through artifacts, photographs, newspapers, personal stories, and much more—to be housed at the UCLA Library Special Collections. Featured here are selected items from the archive, donated by a variety of community members to whom we are deeply indebted. If you are interested in donating your own materials or those of your family, please contact us at

You can learn more about Hinda and Jacob Schonfeld here.

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