Exhibiting Historical Art: Out of the Vault: Stories of People and Things

Think Twice; Todd Siler

Think Twice
Todd Siler
     1953 - 
     United States

"I plan to document my own method of constructing a consistent macroscopic theory of electromagnetic fields in the human central nervous system. The work will concentrate on defining the existence os a 'biomirror' in the brain; that is, a bio-electric-magnetic-chemical mirror with charge symmetries which directly influences our mental functions and creative impulse.  In this project, the process of documenting my insights through drawings, photomontages, and other media is essential to preserving an artistic perspective.  However, the actual construction of the theory - the procedures, textual materials, and criteria for special technical apparatus - will follow the rigorous route of scientific inquiry.  In its finished form the manuscript will pose a balanced exposition of the metaphysics and biophysics of brain dynamics relative to my theory.  It will include various interpretative drawings and diagrammatic illustrations."

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