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Comments on SITE; SITE

Comments on SITE
SITE (Sculpture In The Environment)
     1970 - 
     New York City

"In terms of general objectives, SITE has become increasingly committed to the sociological and psychological content of architecture, as opposed to problem-solving technology - or, described another way, architecture as art, rather than architecture as design.  In answer to the controversy often raised among architects by this choice of priorities, the group has continued to point out that there is no implied forfeit of architecture's obligation to provide shelter and workable space.  What this shift of emphasis does open up, however, is the possibility for buildings, (like theatre and literature) to begin to articulate society's subconscious responses to changing phenomena, instead of continuing only as a chronicler of its economic ambitions and fixed ideologies.

James Wines & Alison Sky for SITE

Real life comments from the films 'Grand Openings' and 'Public Places'
1980 Howard Silver Films, NY"

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