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Internal Sound; Terry Fox

Internal Sound
Terry Fox
     1943 - 2008
     United States

Excerpt from 'Internal Sound,' an 18 hour (3 days) performance in the ex-church of Santa Lucia, Bologna, Italy, October 1979.
Two 100 meter (300 feet) piano wires were stretched the length of the church.  They were fastened to the large wooden door of the church at one end, and to a wooden covering over the encrypt at the other. The crypt covering and the door became the resonators for the sound of the wire, which was rosined and played with the fingers to create a continuous but constantly changing drone.
The sound of the excerpt is created by plucking one of the 300 foot wires with the fingernail near the cover of the crypt. The sound is entirely acoustic with no electronic manipulation or amplification.

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