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Antinova Remembers; Eleanor Antin

Antinova Remembers
Eleanor Antin
     1935 -
     United States

An excerpt from a radio interview with Eleanora Antinova reminiscing about her life as a dancer with the Diaghilev Ballets-Russes. She was recorded in her home in Southern California where she lives surrounded by photographs, sketches, designs for sets and costumes - "souvenirs to help keep the old life alive."  Because of the resurgent interest in the history of early 20th century art, there is a strong demand for Antinova to make personal appearances around the country.  This surprises her. "When I hung up my shoes so long ago, I never thought to travel again, except perhaps to funerals. More and more funerals." She laughs. "And here I am, a youngster once more." In this excerpt from the longer interview, she talks about touring with the impoverished, passionate, yet determinedly cheerful Russian dancers.
Piano: Marcia Goodman

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