Exhibiting Historical Art: Out of the Vault: Stories of People and Things


Cat no. 1: Head-Band
Cat. nos. 2 and 3: Eagle Pendants
Cat. no. 4: Headrest
Cat. no. 5: Saint Barbara
Cat. no. 6: Cabinet Door from the Imperial Palace of Beijing with design of Imperial Dragons
Cat. no. 7: ​Bronze Lamp with a human mask on lid
Cat. no. 8: Carved Head of St. John on a Platter Juan Alonzo y Ron Villabrille (1663-1728)
Cat. no. 9: Ida Rubenstein
Cat. no. 10: Cassone, said to belong to the Colonna Family
Cat. no. 11: ​Water-carrier Vase with Bamboo Pattern and Bamboo
Cat. no. 12: ​Ornament for a scholar’s table: lotus flowers in a vase
Cat. no. 13: Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)

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