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Russian Language Lesson; Komar and Melamid

Russian Language Lesson
Vitaly Komar
     1943 - 
Alexander Melamine
     1945 - 

"In February, 1981 A.D., in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, the Revolutionary Teachers Komar and Melamid headed a group of revolutionary students from the Massachusetts College of Art.  Studies in the School of Revolution commenced with theoretical studies and concluded with the erection of a gallows.  (The banner on the gallows was executed by revolutionary students.  The Russian text, literally translated into English, means "Fuck your mother."  The expression is figurative, and, in different contexts, can signify the most varied emotions, ranging from joyous surprise, to tormented despair, to thinly veiled hints of violence.)
The reminder of the time the participants devoted to a revolutionary orgy, which has gone into history books as the infamous Boston Vodka Party.  Though the gallows were destroyed by the police, the spirit of Revolution cannot be stopped! 
Long Live Boston - Cradle of World Revolution!

Comrades Komar & Melamid repeated the "Russian Language Lesson" at Greene Street Recording for this recording.

Lesson led by: Comrade Jamey Gambrell
Students: Lynn Cassaniti, Sean Elwood, Marcos Gallango, Barbara Goldner, Grethe Knudson, Patricia Quill, Ann Schwank, Richard Schwartzwald, Mario Sotolongo"

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