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How to Make Love a Sound; Douglas Davis

How to Make Love a Sound
Douglas Davis
     1933 - 2014
     United States

"Hello! I'm a sound now. Perhaps I'm inside your ear, under your pillow, beside your sofa. Where are you now?  We must think this through very quickly. And it has to end in a leap across space from where I am into the space where you are.  Not that long ago, I leaped across the Atlantic Ocean to become one with my female half! Just listen...
(Male) Here I come - one giant leap - for mankind/womankind.
(Female) Here I am! Free, beyond his reach... unless that flying noise I hear... is me, I mean him!
(Male) I'm here! Why are you running? The impossible, the perfect union... is ours!
(Male/Female) No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! NoYesNoYesNoYesNoYes...

It can happen. Lie back and believe we can transcend where you are, when you are, where I am, when I am.  Knock on your speaker, quickly - I'm listening for you. I think I can hear you.  I know I can.  Let's knock together, like tom toms.  Isn't this proof?  It's just a leap of faith now to trade our spaces... I'm starting to run right into your arms.  I'll be whatever sex you want me to be... we're leaping out of space and time and sex.  Get ready, uncork your bottles, pour the two glasses!  There is only 11 seconds left before we consulate together.  I'm coming, yes I am! I'm - I'm coming!

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