The Black Kino Fist: Black life as depicted in film history

The Story of a Three-Day Pass (1968)

"Story of a 3-Day Pass describes the experiences of a Black American soldier, Turner, who is given a weekend pass by his captain, in order that he may enjoy the sites of Paris. Quite by chance, he meets a French girl, Miriam, and they take a trip to Brittany together. The simple context of a love affair is not really the subject of this film—it is really a sentimental comedy in which racial problems are treated with the subtlety and wry humor one might expect from a black writer-director. Van Peebles understands the attitudes of the expatriate African American as well as the objective wisdom of the French heroine, and the fluctuations between dream and reality are very much a part of contemporary life, with its painful contretemps, its bewildering disillusionments."
- Albert Johnson
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