The Black Kino Fist: Black life as depicted in film history

The Black Kino Fist

The history of Black representation in film is a complicated, messy weave of exploitation, innovation, and achievement in the face of a largely hostile, white dominated industry. 
When navigating this history, one must start at the dawn of cinema itself. Black actors, writers, and directors have been present from cinema's inception and continue increase their presence in the industry today.
The Black Kino Fist is a curated collection of films that highlight important and notable appearances of Black people in cinema. From the race pictures of the early twentieth century to the mainstream films of Black directors today, this collection features films that display the spectrum of Black life and experience. 
Each film entry includes trailers and/or advertisements for the film, a succinct review of the film's treatment of race and representations, and information about the film's availability, as several of the films featured have been lost to time.