The Black Kino Fist: Black life as depicted in film history

Harlem on the Prairie (1937)

"As the first black western ever made, Harlem on the Prairie reminded audiences that there were black cowboys and corrected a popular Hollywood image that up till that time had been consistently false, lopsided, and vastly exclusionary. 

Filmed entirely on location at N.B. Murray's Black Dude Ranch near Victorvile, California, Harlem on the Prairie tells the story of Doc Clayburn, an old-time medicine show performer and reformed criminal who returns after twenty years to recover a stash of stolen gold. While on the trail he's bushwacked by outlaws and mortally wounded. As he dies, Doc reveals the hiding place of the gold to his daughter and her cowboy companion, Jeff Kincaid." 

- Torriano Berry and Venise T. Berry

Status: Lost. 

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