Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Twitter: The Platform for Activism by Michie Ortiz

The digital divide has been known as the division of unequal internet access. There are studies which believe these inequalities have resulted from social status, race, location, age and many other reasons. This blog's main focus will be on minority representation on the social media site Twitter.  An increase in information and communication technologies (ICTs) for minorities can help promote representation to a broader audience.

In the discussion of the digital divide, there is lack in understanding how people with little access to ICTs participate online. In a space where race is not known unless specified, it is difficult to determine the participation.  A lack of ICTs affect participation in web 2.0. Participation ranges from  lack of internet to minorities fighting racism with online petitions. While there are content creators there seems to be a lack of focus on acknowledging them. Twitter can allow access to information on these talented individuals.
I will be discussing the majority of users on Twitter and how minorities can benefit from this website. I learned that minorities have a lot of power on this website if they learn how to use it wisely. Participation on Twitter is one of the many websites where the digital divide can be challenged. Through Twitter I will demonstrate the actual participate in minorities.

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