Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Statement of Values: Digital Ethnic Studies

In Lisa Spiro's "This is Why We Fight: Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities," she asserts the need for a Statement of Values in the Digital Humanities. She writes,

The values of the digital humanities represent convergence of several sets of values, including those of the humanities; libraries, museums, and cultural heritage organizations; and networked culture. In some ways, these values can come into conflict, which may be contributing to the ongoing debates about the digital humanities. Yet at their core, they share a common aim to advance knowledge, foster innovation, and serve the public (p. 19).

Building on the idea that a Value Statement can both reflect on a fields influences and be aspirational, we have developed a Statement of Values for the study of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies for the Digital Humanities. These draw upon and add to the values for the Digital Humanities proposed by Spiro.

Statement of Values for Digital Ethnic Studies


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