Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies


With newer generation of minority children they are the many who have the privilege of having internet in their households. There is a mention in Nakamura's chapter that  minority parents invest in purchasing internet for their children's future (Nakamura, pg 175).  There are many ways you can go with this. Access to internet can help a child discover interests in STEM and other programs.
Minorities can choose to create that way or create through online content. The Pew Research Center data set shows that the majority of minorities using internet are young adults. With that being said, Twitter is one of the most popular sites that can allow people to speak their minds. Quick to the point without leaving space for unnecessary detail. With a simple interface, a person can easily post a tweet without too much fuss.
Access to ICTs will lead a new generation to make their presence known on the internet. There will be proper representation of minorities. While there is a growth in attempts to make minorities present on the internet it could eventually increase. Access to internet would allow more individuals of color to post their content for the world to see. For areas that suffer from the lack of ICTs it means there should be programs to help communities have internet access. The more research poured into exploring the digital divide, there can be in a rise in participation in creating technology and creating content online.

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