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How to Guide: Editing a Page in Scalar

Editing a page

  1. Go to the dashboard by clicking the "dashboard" link on the upper right corner of the page
  2. Select the tab for the type of page you are planning to edit
  3. Click on the blue hyperlink for the page you want to edit
      NOTE: The edit button next to the linked name of the page is not going to help you get to the page
        Select “edit” at the bottom of the page
          Content, title, description, HTML code, images, hyperlinks, metadata, layout, and how the page is used (“relationships”) are all accessed through this edit option.
        1. Make sure you add tags to your page that are appropriate to the topic
          1. Add the Knowledge Source Assessment code according to the instructions found here.

          This is an image of the options for how to use this page or “relationships” when you select “edit”


          edit window.PNG

          This page has paths: