Field Guides to Food

How to Guide: Creating a pathway or learning module

A pathway of pages is also referred to as a learning module. This is made up of a series of pages (recommended between 3-5) that takes the reader on a journey through the information you have assembled on food.
  1. Upload media pages that are part of your food knowledge story OR you are welcome to use media and pages that are already part of the collection.
  2. The collection can be viewed by clicking on the “Dashboard” link in the top right corner of the main Scalar book page. The pages are arranged by type, select the tab for pages, media and annotations to view the current collection.
  3. Create any new pages that contain original information, introduce or annotate media pages
  4. Open the first page of your pathway/learning module and click “edit” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the “To Make this Page a Path” link  make this page a path.PNG
  6. Select the type of page you would like to add. There will be an option to arrange the order later so it doesn’t matter the order as you complete this step.
  7. Click the box to the left of the page you would like to add.
  8. Click on the “Add Selected” button at the bottom of the pop up screen.
  9. Repeat steps 4-7 for each different type of page you want to add to the pathway/learning module.
  10. Organize the order of the pages in the pathway/learning module   pathway.PNG
  11. Select “Save” When you are completed. The pathway can always be edited by selecting “edit” at the bottom of the first page of the pathway.

This page has paths: