"Poetry for the People": Reading Garveyism through Poetry

Four Million Strong., by Ethel Trew Dunlap

Four million with one single aim

To loose the shackled hand!

Four million who have turned their eyes

Toward their fatherland.


Four million who demand the stake

Shall not consume their kin!

Four million seeking human rights,

With God to help them win.


Four million pointing to the past:

Its skeletons concealed!

Four million organized at last,

That tyrants be revealed.


Four million crying for their rights

To sail across the sea:

Four million asking Liberty

To set the black man free.


Four million, children all of slaves,

Reared under stripes and stars,

Hemmed in by the Atlantic waves

Oppressors turn to bars.


Four million with one rally cry,

And who are wide awake.

Spurred on by hopes that cannot die

For Egypt’s daughter’s sake.


Four million souls inspired to march

Wherever Freedom’s hand

Shall beckon
, and to thrill the hearts

Of black men of this land.


Four million who will not be hushed,

Whose protests will not cease,

Until their race, dragged through the mire,

Shall find means of relief.

    Composed by Ethel Trew Dunlap.

From the March 5, 1921 issue.

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