"Poetry for the People": Reading Garveyism through Poetry

To Minnie., by Joseph Hazel Donaldson

Tonight, of Minnie are my thoughts, and I

Am flashing sparks of love across the sea

To Afric’s shore, where lies my destiny--

’Tis there my future brief sojourn shall be.


I’m pensive in this meditation’s swoon

To hear a whisper from her heaving breast:

I fancy she shall surely call me soon;

Then on my arm her sacred head shall rest.


O hark! I hear her calling now to me;

I must away! My soul’s at her command.

The fairest rose in bloom across the sea--

Oh, how I long to join her heart and hand!


How can I longer wait? I must pass through.

My yearning for the tryst is like a cry:

And she I know awaits the rendesvous.

Ah, to her sacred bosom let me fly!

From the February 12, 1921 issue.

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