"Poetry for the People": Reading Garveyism through Poetry

A Call to Race Manhood, by H. Percival Welsh

Fellowmen of Negro blood,

With undaunted faith in God,

Come along, and take your places

With the men of other races.

Though we long have trampled been,

We a ray of hope have seen.

Women, men, and children small,

List to Marcus Garvey’s call.


Men of Ethiopia’s race,

You are Negroes, ‘tis no disgrace.

Let us then united be

In our fight for liberty.


U.N.I.A. and A.C.L.

Wheresoever man may dwell,

Your flag of red, and black, and green

High above all shall be seen.


Africa shall win the day

Though men and devils be in the way,

We are in the fight ‘gainst might.

God is with us; all is right.

    H. Percival Welsh

    President U.N.I.A.

    43 Barnett Street, Montego Bay

From the February 19, 1921 issue.

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