"Poetry for the People": Reading Garveyism through Poetry

Give Me the Rainbow, by Prof. O.M. Skinner

If someone should make me an offer

Of something dear and real

And which should be a token good and true:

Something to suit my color.

And gives a hue for all,

I think I’ll choose the rainbow,

wouldn’t you?


Give me the rainbow,

The sign that is so true.

And let me take my color

And leave the rest for you.

For all of such, you find so much.

So give me the rainbow true

No token is more truer:

No emblem can be so dear;

The one true sign of promise we are told.

And if I have the rainbow

Life sorrows when it rains

Will find the rainbow sucking free and bold.

    Prof. O. M. Skinner.

From the March 5, 1921 issue.

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