"Poetry for the People": Reading Garveyism through Poetry

The U.N.I.A., by Thomas H. Brooks

The U.N.I.A. is a theme,

Which millions are entwined

With well wrought plans or business schemes,

And brotherhood combined.


It means that all should fall in line,

With the advancing guide:

Responding to the sign of time,

The new emblem of pride.


There are great adventures lie in wait,

Make this a gorgeous year:

Get out of that hesitating gate,

The break of morn is near.


Our far off kin, of whom we’ve dreamed,

Beyond the tossing wave:

Await our coming to redeem

The land, which God has gave.


About-face to that sunny shore!

Where tyrants ruling bind:

And hold enthralled, a stupid host

Of untrained human mind.


In one procession let us charge!

Forth with the lofty theme:

‘Till nations all salute the bark

That bear, red, black and green.

    Thomas H. Brooks,

    32 Granville Street, Piitsburgh, PA, Division 61.

From the March 5, 1921 issue.

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