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Scalloped-Edge Carpet Remnant

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Scalloped-Edge Carpet Remnant


Measured at approximately one hundred and eighty square feet, this scalloped-edge carpet remnant encapsulates a story of compromise.
As we have seen with other objects in this collection, park officials struggled to establish a balance between the architectural vision of Taliesin and General Service Administration (GSA) Global Supply catalogue standards. For the carpet selection, Taliesin eventually ceded to the federal supply requirements, though the product selection was limited.
Composed of nylon fabric, synthetic material was often used in mid-century modern interior design, initially a testament to wartime rationing. The burnt orange coloring can again be attributed to Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, who envisioned the color scheme of the visitor center interior. Installed in the spring of 1967, Roxbury Carpeting covered the auditorium platform, the offices of the superintendent and assistant superintendent, as well as the reception area in the administrative portion of the visitor center.


Collection Number

ROMO #24035

Date of Requisition





51.25” L x 43.25” W x .33” H | 130 cm x 110 cm x 1 cm


Roxbury Carpet Company, Saxonville, MA

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