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How Do I Navigate Through This Exhibit?

There are many ways to navigate through this online exhibit. We have a suggested route that will guide you through the different chapters of this website, much like a book would. However, there are other ways to navigate through this website that allow you to create a personalized journey through this online exhibit.

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 This will guide you through the pieces of furniture and objects from Beaver Meadows Visitor Center and how they relate to the history of Mission 66 in the National Parks and the many people and issues related to these objects. 

Table of Contents

If you would prefer a structured way to choose your path through our exhibit, you can click on the icon of three lines to access the Table of Contents. 


From there, you can click on any of these chapters to begin from the beginning of that section. For example, if you click on "Beaver Meadows Visitor Center," you will be taken to the introduction page for Beaver Meadows. If you want to access a specific page, you can click the small arrow on the right-hand side, which will open a sub-menu that details the pages in each section.

You can always continue on the guided path at any time by simply clicking the blue buttons at the bottom of each page.

Related Objects to Explore

At the bottom of each page is a section called "Related Objects to Explore." 

You can click on the blue names in that section to connect you with related objects in our exhibit from any other page without having to navigate through the table of contents.

We invite you to make your own connections after reading through the context we have provided for each object, so you can discover different ways these objects tell a truly fascinating story of not just Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, but of Mission 66 values as a whole. 


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