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Beaver Meadows Visitor Center

Beaver Meadows Visitor Center is the first visitor center encountered when one enters Rocky Mountain National Park from the east and Estes Park. Beaver Meadows welcomes large amounts of visitors every year and has remained an important site for guests to gather information before moving on to explore the park. In 2001, Beaver Meadows was designated as a National Historic Landmark because of its role as the first NPS visitor center constructed in the Mission 66 style. Unlike most buildings admitted to the National Registry of Historic Places (NRHP), Beaver Meadows was nominated before the fifty-year mark, highlighting its status as an extremely significant historic landmark.

In choosing the location of the new visitor center, Taliesin architects and designers worked with Rocky Mountain National Park superintendents and other park officials to make Beaver Meadows a reality. 

This chapter follows the establishment of Beaver Meadows Visitor Center with a special focus on the Dedication Ceremony that took place on June 24, 1967 and the lasting legacy of the visitor center in Rocky Mountain National Park today. 

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