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Krueger Stackable Folding Metal Chair

Object Name

Krueger Stackable Folding Metal Chair


These portable, slim, sleekly designed chairs enhanced the multiple uses of the Beaver Meadows auditorium. Wrapped in orange muslin or burlap upholstery, these steel chairs were designed to be moved around the auditorium, folded away, and stored with ease for smaller functions. While the auditorium’s architect, Tom Casey, initially intended for the space to be filled with custom double seats, superintendent Fred Novak understood the importance of an adaptable space to accommodate various functions. These chairs remained in the auditorium until they were removed in 2006.
Like the wooden furniture with the same orange Moss Rose upholstery, it is unclear whether these have been reupholstered since their 1966 creation. However, the mobile design, with colored anodized steel legs and frame, makes a clear statement about the multi-purpose functionality of the space they filled.



Collection Number

ROMO #21574

Date of Requisition



steel; cloth


20.75” L x 20.75” W x 31” H | 53 cm x 53 cm x 79 cm


Krueger Metal Products Co.

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