Lounging in the 60s


This exhibit centers around fourteen objects from the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center preserved from the Mission 66 era. What was once a group of seemingly haphazard objects can now help to demonstrate how Beaver Meadows Visitor Center was designed to accommodate an increasingly large influx of visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park. From auditorium benches to standing ashtrays, this exhibit features the smaller details that developed out of a series of compromises between National Park Service administrators and Taliesin Associated Architects. While these pieces might seem insignificant when considered separately, collectively then can help us conceptualize the culture of Mission 66 and the values that it sought to promote. 

In this exhibit, we discuss objects that helped to facilitate visitor experiences at Beaver Meadows.

To explore these objects, please click to the next page to see our full collection. There you can either briefly glance through the exhibit or look further into the context of each object that helps to inform our understanding of the impact of Mission 66 on Beaver Meadows. 


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