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Field Guides to Food

A Guide to Urban Farming

Here are some resources to learn about Urban Farming in the Twin Cities: 
Gardening Matter also has considerable resources as a more comprehensive starting place!


Guide to Urban Farming

In 2012, CURA sponsored a report on urban agriculture in the Twin Cities area. Anna Bierbrauer, a Landscape Architecture & Design professional in the region, undertook the task, creating a comprehensive guide to the necessary components of an urban farm. This report can be found here.


Urban Farming in North Minneapolis

This report focuses on the myriad of vacant lots in North Minneapolis that could be used for urban farming. A CURA sponsored research effort conducted in partnership with Afro Eco, this publication identifies and assesses hundreds of parcels in the North Minneapolis community that are ideal spots for urban farming. If you’re looking to learn about where urban farming might work in North Minneapolis, check out the report, linked here.

The Urban Farm and Garden Alliance
Ramsey County Family Farm of the year 2015! See their website

The Lake Hiawatha Food Forest Project
See the Urban Foraging link below for more.

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