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Urban Foraging

As places where people have been gathering nutrients, plants, and patterns of everyday life for many years, cities provide rich opportunities for gathering food -- although this gathering requires careful attention to the health of ecologies supporting the organisms being gathered.

The USDA Forest Service has been providing supportive research for many years on what they call the gathering of "non timber forest products," and their reports share many ways that communities adaptively manage their shared landscapes where people forage.

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People also forage outside what's traditionally understood as "the forest" in cities: The Food Group's Fruits of the City program organizes gleaning of all sorts of urban fruits.

Spurse's "Eat Your Sidewalks" project focuses on often unnoticed foods everywhere.

And the Lake Hiawatha Food Forest project in Minneapolis is gathering communities interested in urban foraging to envision what it would take to restore urban food forests, especially around the wild rice wetlands of Lake Hiawatha.


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