Feeding a Crowd

Samantha W.

My name is Samantha, and I want to use Scalar as a tool to inspire others, help voices be heard and display creativity. I am a first generation student at Hamline University. I am working toward understanding the complex, sometimes gruesome food system. I am taking an Environmental Studies course, "Feeding a Crowd" Intergenerational Justice Work in the Food Movement, in this class we are using this as a tool to tell other's stories. These stories are inspirational, local people coming together through food, sharing what improvements/changes in the food system in their own neighborhoods. We are working to tell their stories, through recipes. These recipes are not concrete, they are more stories and can be changed through time. You will hear me in these stories, someone who wants to help change the world, and help all kinds of voices be heard. 
I have started a collection of Fairtrade recipes I want to encourage others to work off of. Fairtrade is a social movement to help producers of our food to achieve better trading conditions. 
I am not an expert of the food system, I am open to learning about it and encourage others to do the same. It is my goal to bring the injustices of the food system back into conversation, and social movements that are working toward building a better system. 

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