Feeding a Crowd

Comfort & Action Foods

Healthy food as a form of resistance

Sharing and talking as a community (vs. regret and withdrawal)

Habit, dissociation vs. trying new things -- putting yourself in a place of vulnerability, creating sense of community (supporting ourselves enough to be willing to be vulnerable, and feel the stress or grief or sorrow of things we might think we don't want to know about, or don't want to be true)

Eating whatever's there (more likely to be along) / getting your mind off of what you're feeling (distraction / in a hurry)

Fulfillment / feeling better about who you are and what you're doing -- and feeling NOURISHED

Cooking to bring people together around things, with thought, and care, and concern (participatory dinner co-ops)

Getting together with others - even in a pretty undirected way, it often creates empowerment

Sending people cookies: connection over space, and through tradition, and personal connections (carrying on or reinventing things cooked with family or friends)

Independence of being active in making food (rather than giving up agency and also anxiety over food choices) 

Location & time of day: Standing / in bed / at table
Type of food: junk/snack/meal -- time put into making it, values we find embedded in it; nutrition and how it makes us feel

Environment that's created: open (let's explore this more!)
- small action of building the potential to relate to each other (or maybe trying to get people to explore particular things)

Eating with intention (vs. "how did this happen?")

Food as a part of the event (sometimes an addition, sometimes filling a void, retrieving past experience, procrastination -- of tasks or feelings)

Grief eating as remembrance, sometimes celebratory

[Reference to our shared google doc about using food: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oNPxjouyX2cfAc21Ch1mp62A5Ov4rpMRkv8DbWpbzxA]


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