Feeding a Crowd


Calendar of spring 2017 readings beyond The Color of Food:

Note: the spreadsheet for signing up for makeup work is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16PBQ455tK3-zKHwl3LKUcfv1MNUFvNCX9a6n9EYinL4/edit#gid=1111585252‚Äč
 T, Feb 7: Helguera 1. Introduction
 Th, Feb 9: Our Daily Bread, booklet (the English language part of it) about the Austrian filmhttp://www.ourdailybread.at/jart/projects/utb/website.jart?rel=en&content-id=1130864825123
 T, Feb 14; Helguera 2. Community
 Th, Feb 16: 
 T, Feb 21: Helguera 3. Situations
Striffler, S. (2002). Inside a poultry processing plant: an ethnographic portrait. Labor History, 43(3), 305-313.
(and optional accompaniment: Striffler, S. (2007). Neither here nor there: Mexican immigrant workers and the search for home. American Ethnologist, 34(4), 674-688.) Comments here
 Th, Feb 23
 T, Feb 28: Helguera 4. Conversation
 Th, Mar 2: optional, The Hands that Feed Us: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers along the Food Chain (Food Chain Workers Alliance)
T, Mar 7: Helguera 5. Community
 Th, Mar 9
T, Mar 14: Helguera 6. Antagonism
 Th, Mar 16: Jessica Abel and Ira Glass (2015) How to Make Radio That's Good (exerpt from Out on the Wire)
T, Mar 28: Chapter 4, "Days of Slavery: Imokalee, Florida" in Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco's 2012 Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt; you can find it here online through the library & Helguera 7. Performance
 Th, Mar 30: Seanhk-Ka and Axtell (2007) Sharing Intellectual Authority, Partnership Perspectives IV(I); http://deliciousrevolutionshow.com/ 
T, Apr 4: Helguera 8. Documentation; My Soul is Rested: Movement Days in the Deep South (selections:
 Th, Apr 6 My Soul is Rested selections:
 T, Apr 11: Helguera 9. Transpedagogy 
and Diane Wilson (2016) Seeds for Seven Generations, from A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota
Th, Apr 13: skim the Food Access Planning Guide and selections from The Ground Rules (enough to have 2-3 questions or comments for each reading) 

T, Apr 18: Helguera 10. Deskilling; Timothy Neale's 2016 Settler Colonialism and Weed Ecology
 Th, Apr 20
 T, Apr 25
 Th, Apr 27
 T, May 2
 Th, May 4
 T, May 9: Introduction to Janet Poppendieck (1999) Sweet Charity? Emergency Food and the End of Entitlement, New York: Penguin
Conclusion to Sidney Mintz (1985) Sweetness and Power, New York: Viking
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 Th, May 11

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