Feeding a Crowd

Kaele Culver Bio

Hi! My name is Kaele Culver (she/hers), and I am a senior at Hamline University studying public health, social justice, and nonprofit management. I've focused my studies around gender-based violence and advocacy, and have a background as an activist against sexual assault and domestic violence. I'm also especially drawn to how poverty is related to any and all social justice issues, especially through a public health lens. 

While I grew up in the cities and have always considered myself a city person, my family is from the mountains of Tennessee and taught me a lot about gardening, self-reliance, and the importance of whole and natural food. Part of my goals with this class and project is to explore how those values intersect with poverty and cultural significance in food, and especially want to pinpoint ways that families can use this to encourage healthy food practices with children.

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