Feeding a Crowd

Emma Kiley Bio


  My name is Emma and I am a sophomore at Hamline University. I am in the Environmental Studies program and am concentrating in Social Justice. On campus I work for the Sustainability Office, do some work with MPIRG, and am involved in a student group working towards setting up a food shelf on campus. I am originally from Apple Valley, MN where my family of 6 still lives. I am the middle child of 5, and have two brothers and sisters that I love hanging out with. 

  My stake in this particular project relates to my passion for environmental justice. I have been interested food justice for about a year, and am specifically interested in looking at how access to certain foods affects other aspects of our everyday lives. Why are healthy, eco friendly grocery store placed where they are? What does this mean members of those communities? Who has access and opportunity to grow their own food? 

My video project

Here is a link to my Story Project 3!

This is the project that Elise Hanson and I worked on. 

Easy Curry Recipes for Story Project 2:

Story Project 4: Kid Power!

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