Colorado Fuel and Iron: Culture and Industry in Southern Colorado

Goils Make Coils

Elsie Schwartz, Virda Keller and Sylvia Cloyd were just three of many women who took on jobs within the production areas during the War. Working in the coil department of the Electric Shop, their job was to tape and make coils that were then sold to other factories around the country for making tank gears, axels and rifles. Photographed by CF&I company publication photographers and using the headline "Goils Make Coils," this series of photographs showed some of the many jobs in a steel mill in 1943. Florence Slater worked in the grinding ball division of the Bolt, Ball and Spike Mill that same year. Grinding balls were used at CF&I to crush large pieces of ore brought from the various mining communities. Crushed iron ore was then melted, and refined into steel; crushed coal was used to fuel furnaces for steel making.


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