Colorado Fuel and Iron: Culture and Industry in Southern Colorado

Scrap Paper Drive


“Wanted For Victory” was a common slogan for community collection efforts throughout the War. Rubber, aluminum, rags, paper, and small metal objects such as keys were collected at various stations around Pueblo. After collection, the items were cleaned, repaired, or melted if needed and re-purposed for various military efforts. Thousands of pounds of paper were baled and sold to dealers to replenish diminishing supply in 1942 alone. In 1944, CF&I printed reminders that 1,000 pounds of waste paper could supply the military with 200 blood plasma containers, 1,470 boxes for emergency life boat rations, 204 cartons containing one life preserver, 17 protective bands for 500 pound bombs, and 50 cartons for Army K field food rations. Salvaging represented another way women on the home front could contribute to the war effort in concert with other wartime programs. 

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