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A Science Roadmap for Food and Agriculture (summary & metadata)

From the foreword:

The last Science Roadmap for the land-grant university system was prepared nearly 10 years ago. There have been many changes in societal needs and priorities over the past decade. The issues of climate change, energy and food security, environmental and economic sustainability, and globalization have moved to the forefront of concerns for the public and for policy makers in the United States. These issues are highly interdependent, and any attempt to address them will require systematic and science-based solutions. Major investments in scientific research as it relates to food and energy production, utilization of natural resources, and development of individuals, families, and communities will be necessary for the United States to remain competitive, sustainable, and socially responsive to its citizens and the citizens of the world.
This Science Roadmap is very timely and will be an important resource not only for our academic leadership but also for our public and private partners and advocates. It has been developed through a broad consensus of some of our best scientific leaders. As a roadmap, it does not provide direct solutions to problems; rather, it lays out well-thought-out paths the scientific community can take to reach potential solutions.

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