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Field Guides to Food

There are accessible training opportunities in my region...

...for people to learn how to grow food crops and enter other food sectors.

This statement is based on passages from the Land Stewardship Project's "Getting a Handle on the Barriers to Financing Sustainable Agriculture":
16% of farmer respondents answered "What are the major challenges you faced in implementing the sustainable agricultural practices you have tried?" with "Lack of the appropriate training opportunities."

Farmers found several impediments in implementing sustainable agricultural practices: Lack of experience (49%), current farm policy (43%), lack of knowledge (35%), lack of external funding (25%), difficulty in finding information (24%), social pressure (22%), and the practices didn't work (2%).
It is also reflected in a statement from the Minnesota Farm Bureau (on a previous version of their webpage):
Quite often the projects funded [by the MFB Foundation] will be cooperative ones developed by Farm Bureau, commodity organizations and others in agriculture. The Foundation will also fund projects  that help develop new leaders for agriculture and help farm families improve their management and marketing skills.

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