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Field Guides to Food

People would like the regional food and agriculture industry to provide opportunities... make a decent living in southeast Minnesota across different stages of life.

This statement was based on a passage from "Opportunities for Leadership, Learning, and Impact":
Recently, immigrants, primarily Latinos, have been drawn to the area because of jobs at local agricultural processing plants. Such opportunities have made Madelia a diverse community and one where employment and economic development are increasingly dependent on large companies based outside the area.
It is also reflected in statements by Farmers' Legal Action Group (on a previous version of their webpage)...
Targeted, top-notch legal information and advocacy are indispensable in the struggle to defend family-based agriculture and secure social and economic justice for farmers.
...and the National Association of Convenience Stores.
The convenience store industry employs 1.88 million Americans, and labor and health-care costs are the largest expense category for the industry... NACS continues to work with congressional leaders on labor and health-care issues so retailers can control their costs and not have to make the choice between offering benefits and hiring new employees.

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