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Field Guides to Food

People are working to ensure that agricultural and food jobs pay decent wages...

...and are safe and fair for all.

This statement was based on passages from "Migrant Farmworkers in South-Central Minnesota: Farmworker-Led Research and Action for Change":
Workers also described their jobs as low paying. Only 2% of the migrant farmworkers who participated in the survey answered that seasonal canning factories pay a fair wage. (p.5)

The vast majority of farmworkers surveyed thought that the jobs they work are difficult... When asked about dangers in the fields, the majority of migrant farmworkers surveyed mentioned exposure to pesticides and other chemical products while they are working. Dehydration and sun exposure were also commonly mentioned. When asked about the risks associated with factory jobs, noise and hazards related to heavy machinery operation were most frequently mentioned. (p.5)
It is also reflected in a statement by the Minnesota Milk Producers Association:
Minnesota Milk Producers Association urges both State and Federal officials to implement health care purchasing pools to provide broader access to affordable health insurance coverage, including state support for the implementation of a Minnesota Co-op Care Program.

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