Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Unequal pay

I love the fact that you posed a question I feel very passionate about, Alan. It is nationally known that women are definitely paid less than men, I believe they make 79 cents to every dollar a man makes. However, women of color make even less. In my Twitter account, I shared an image that showed what Latinas made compared to all men. In this image, Latinas in California made 60 cents to all men. Although the image is of Latinas, it sends the same message: that people of color, especially women aren't taken seriously. Although some women have made it and graduated with STEM majors, once they're in a job related to their field, they still face challenges. Women of color are viewed as inferior and not capable of producing the same work as a white man. This infuriates me so much because it is an unfair, unjust system that privileges them at our expense. Overall, women aren't treated in the same respect as the white man. It's horrible that simply because of factors that are out of our control determine our place in life and what we are able to do.

I'd also like to point out that I enjoyed reading your blog. It was visually appealing and I liked being able to interact with it!

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