Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Digital Supplement: BERNIE SANDERS


Twitter: Feelthebern
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The hashtags I believe pushed the social movement that is the Presidential Campaign of Bernie Sanders are the ones above. I believe these hashtags are important because within each one tells a different story of a certain group. #BernieSanders2016 encompasses everything that has to do with the political revolution. In that Storify I selected pictures that show images of Bernie and a general idea of what his campaign has been like. #StillSanders is a hashtag that has gained popularity because of people's refusal to accept Clinton, who the media, the DNC, and everyone tries to push upon the public as the winner of the Democratic nominee. People are still fighting against this enforcement because super delegates do not vote until July 25th. #Berniemademewhite is a hashtag that gives voice to the ethnic community. The media countlessly stated that only white people voted for Sanders, so people created this hashtag to prove such claims wrong. #Feelthebern is used to create awareness and entice people to become Bernie Supporters. Feelthebern is used primarily with data or facts on Bernie's policy that demonstrate how he is the better candidate. #Bernthemedia is a hashtag that has recently gained momentum because of the lack of coverage the Bernie campaign has. The news tend to dimish the wins Sanders has by instead covering either Trump or Hillary.

Overall, hashtags or social media in general have allowed people to create conversations and share what really is going on. They are creating awareness and educating others on the corrupt system there is.


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