A History of Lucasville Ohio: A Digital Gallery

The Joseph H. Brant Store

The Brant Store was a family owned general store that served Lucasville for generations, providing merchandise that supplied a wide range of needs. Joseph H. Brant Jr., son to Joseph Brant Sr. and Susan Wilson, founded the business, which emerged out of a store owned originally by Dr. B.G. Warwick. Brant worked for Warwick until Warwick passed away in 1880. He then purchased the store and worked as a pharmacist there. The store’s slogans, including “The Village Store” and “Merchants to People Who Know”, illustrate its strong local appeal.

In 1903, the Brant-Appel Company was established, expanding the general store’s business. Brant’s own son, Clyde, worked as a storekeeper, and in the 1930s, he also began publishing his own newspaper, the Whittler’s Gazette. The newspaper was satirical in nature and trailed local events, often highlighted by entertaining stories and poetry. Clyde himself often assumed another persona, writing as a hillbilly named “Rube”. While locals knew Rube was a character Clyde portrayed in writing, Clyde would jest about Rube’s anonymity and on occasion, Rube and Clyde would even banter back in forth in the newspaper. 

In 1968, Jean and Robert Hancock became the primary shareholders of the Brant-Appel Company and transitioned from selling general merchandise to kitchen and cabinetry items. In 1983, the company was officially renamed the Brant-Appel & Hancock Company.


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