A History of Lucasville Ohio: A Digital Gallery

The Lucasville Historical Society

            The Lucasville Historical Society has been a fixture in the town of Lucasville, Ohio, since 1985. This groups serves to bridge the gap between local history and personal and familial significance. It aims to be a central hub for historical records from the area, and its large collections, mostly gleaned from personal donations, demonstrate the penchant for the preservation and exhibition of history within the community.

In its present state, the historical society, including the documents and artifacts collected over the years, occupies the basement of another one of its member’s houses. While the basement provides a temporary, dry space for storage, it is far from ideal. In the basement, there is little room to display the collections and to organize files efficiently. Most artifacts remain in cardboard boxes, and documents reside in filing cabinets, producing few opportunities to showcase historical pieces and allow others to access files. The attic of the Emmanuel United Methodist Church also accommodates part of the collection, including antique shoes and clothing. With no more available space, the historical society had to start turning away donations of artifacts. However, the group is optimistic that the approaching bicentennial celebration in summer 2019 will renew excitement about the historical society and promote its importance.

            Aside from the documents and artifacts available within the Historical Society’s confines, there is still a significant amount of history to be explored that is retained only in the minds of local historians and other community members. Ohio Field School students from the center of Folklore at Ohio State University, Stephanie Fannin and Sarah Hinkelman, had the opportunity to digitize the documents you will see in this collection and interviewed two members of the community, Thomas Adkins and William McKinley.  The interviews revealed the rich history of the area and the passion the citizens of the community have for their hometown. There is a great history to be exhibited by the Lucasville Historical Society and witnessed by its residents and visitors. The collection you will see in this website is only a subset of the documents, images, and artifacts held by the Lucasville Historical Society. To request access to this collection, email the Director of Archives, Dr. Cassie Patterson at patterson.493@osu.edu. Copies of this collection are also housed locally in Scioto County at the following locations: the 14th Street Community Center, Portsmouth Public Library, Shawnee State University Digital History Lab c/o Dr. Andrew Feight, and Shawnee State Park Office c/o Jenny Richards.

If you are interested in donating time or space to the Lucasville Historical Society, please contact lahs1819@gmail.com.

Visit Lucasville Historical Society's official website here: http://www.lucasvilleohio1819.com/


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