A History of Lucasville Ohio: A Digital Gallery

The Black Community in Lucasville

There is a strong Black community in Scioto county, however the public history pertaining to this community is lacking.

Several black individuals settled in Scioto county as early as 1803. They established neighborhoods, farms, and businesses. Scioto county was a stop along the underground railroad, a secret highway of individuals that worked together to help slaves on their way to freedom. That is not too say that Scioto county did not have its share of issues related to segregation. Blacks were expelled twice from Scioto county prior to 1830 due to the Ohio “Black Laws.” Up until the 1960’s, Blacks were excluded from attending the same public schools or churches as white people, they were prohibited from entering in the same door at movie theatres, and swimming in the same pools.

Lucasville was home to many Black families who were mostly farmers. Branch Rickey was also born in Lucasville, Mr. Rickey is best known for signing Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.
This collection depicts portraits of members of the Lucasville Black community.


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