A History of Lucasville Ohio: A Digital Gallery

The History of Lucasville, Ohio

" My memories of Lucasville form a dear and enthralling picture. Oh for an artist's brush and and artist's touch by which to memorialize each person, each scene - the myraid of experiences" - Nell Yeager Bumgarner (1895-1988)

Lucasville is located in Northern Scioto County, Ohio. The town has a long and rich history that spans over 200 years. 

The area was orginally inhabited by the Shawnee Native American Tribe who settled along the Scioto River. The area that is now Lucasville was settled by pioneers in the early 1800's. The area contained houses and businesses as early as 1803. The town of Lucasville was offically established and platted by Captain John Lucas (1788-1825) in 1819, the town bears his name.Captain John Lucas' and his wife owned a tavern in Lucasville until his death in 1825. His grave can be found in the Lucasville Cemetery along with the members of his family. 

Lucasville was the home of several businesses, provided several exports including lumber and railroad ties, boasted a flour mill, fair ground and stables. The town's location on the Scioto river and connection to the surrounding cities allowed the city to flourish. Many families have settled and remained in Lucasville for generations and continue to contribute to the vibrant community. Many famous individuals were born and raised in Lucasville including Laurie Franks (a singer and actress), Roy Rogers (a western actor), and Branch Rickey (baseball executive who signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers).

The collection contained in this website is a visual representation of the rich history of Lucasville. This is only a fraction of the collection that is contained in the archives of held by the Lucasville Historical Society. There is a rich collection that has yet to be revealed! 

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