A History of Lucasville Ohio: A Digital Gallery

Lucasville Cemeteries

The Lucasville Cemetery is a rich repository of local history in the Lucasville area and is accredited with being one of the oldest cemeteries in Southern Ohio. It was initially the Lucas family burial ground, with the first recorded burial being Susannah Lucas in 1809. In 1816, the area was converted into a public burial space and has interred veterans ranging from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War. John Lucas, who founded Lucasville in 1819, is also interred in the cemetery.

The Dever Historical Cemetery is another significant cemetery in Lucasville, born out of the Morgan family burial ground. Captain Thomas Morgan was born in 1784 in Virginia and in 1806, moved to Portsmouth, becoming the first person to establish a wheelwright trade in the Portsmouth area. He then served in the Ohio Militia as the Commander of the Second Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers Company. After his death in 1846, his 23-acre estate was divided and sold, except for the one-acre containing the Morgan burial ground. 

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